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Cottonseed Deep Bin Sampler

Cottonseed Deep Bin Sampler
Cottonseed Deep Bin Sampler
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Seedburo provides two Vac-A-Sample units specifically designed for the cottonseed industry. These samplers provide a fast and efficient method of sampling cottonseed in bins, trucks, railcars and other storage vessels.

Where the "grain" Vac-a-Sample utilizes a double-tube probe section, the cottonseed units have single-tube construction to lift the lightweight cottonseed more efficiently. The Vac-A-Sample lifts a continuous sample as vacuum action assists the operator to probe deeper into the vessel. This allows for easier penetration into lint pockets and hard packed areas. The continuous sample is fed into the uniquely designed cyclone collector through a flexible pneumatic hose attached to the probe. The Deep Bin unit will sample to 60 feet deep and more.

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