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Duratap Testing Sieve Shaker

Duratap Testing Sieve Shaker
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The Duratap rotary sieve shaker is a real heavyweight mechanically, electrically and functionally. There are no plastic structural parts to wear or break. Designed to accurately reproduce the circular and tapping motion given to testing sieves in hand sieving. The Duratap is available to handle either 8" or 12" diameter sieves. It can hold seven (7) full height 8" sieves and bottom pan, fourteen (14) half height 8" sieves and bottom pan, four (4) full height 12" sieves and bottom pan, or eight (8) half height sieves with one (1) bottom pan (shaker is NOT supplied with sieves, please order these separately by clicking the U.S. Series Sieve link below.) The unit is powered by a 1/4HP electric motor with a built-in 99 minute digital timer and available in a variety of voltages.

Actual dims. 23" L x 28" W x 25" H, Net wt. 200 lbs., Ship wt. 225 lbs.

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