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Product Literature

The heart of the Centricoater, offered by Seedburo, is the mixing chamber, which is a stainless steel cylindrical housing with a rotation bottom or internal rotor. The seed is dropped into the chamber and onto the rotor. This rotor moves the seed gently up the stationary chamber side wall causing a folding of seed from outward to inward in the chamber. A spinning disk in the center of the mixing chamber, where the treating material is delivered, atomizes the liquid treatment into the vertical seed layer. This provides a highly intensive uniform application of seed treatment on each kernel of seed. All kinds of treatments, liquids and powders, can be applied effectively in this system.  Treatment is introduced into the chamber by hand or with a syringe (not provided.)

The Model CC is used for coating samples of seed with liquid and powder agents. The unit is equipped with an opening for manual dosing of agents and requires 6 bar (90 PSI) of clean, dry compressed air preventing seed treatment and powders from accumulating beneath the rotor. (Compressor must be obtained locally.)

The Centricoater is shipped complete with the following: horizontal rotating disk, V-belt drive with 2HP TEFC motor, two inlet ports for dosing agents by optional pumps and inlet hopper. There is a manually operated discharge door and frequency inverter for variable speed drive. 230V, 1PH, 50/60Hz motor. The 115V unit will be supplied with a step-up transformer. Please specify Hz when ordering.

Dims. 33" L x 20" W x 40" H, Net wt. 276 lbs.

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