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Hi-Vi Electro-Permanent Magnetic Vibratory Feeders

Hi-Vi Electro-Permanent Magnetic Vibratory Feeders
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These feeders, with their totally enclosed patented magnetic drive, can feed practically any bulk material from micron size to bulky chunks. Compact variable voltage controls provide 0-100% feeder speed regulation. Drive elements are dust and moisture resistant.

These feeders are available in much larger sizes for heavier applications and modified models for special applications. To determine your requirements, please submit a sample or tell us the type of material you?re using and your required capacity. 230V available upon request. Some models can be upgraded to NEMA 12 or 9 (Class II, Groups F&G).

Model No. Capacity/Hr Power Supply Wt. (lbs.) Width Height Discharge Ht. Steel Tray

No. 15A 2 tons 115V, 50/60Hz 25 5.375" 8" 5.5" 4" x 20"
No. 26C 3.25 tons 115V, 50/60Hz 50 6.5" 9" 6.25" 5" x 22"
No. 36C 4.5 tons 115V, 50/60Hz 80 9.5" 13.5" 9" 8" x 30"
No. 46C 10.3 tons 115V, 50/60Hz 120 13.5" 14.5" 10" 12" x 30"

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