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Tough plastic netting seals off all structural openings and other possible roosting sites. Lightweight, pliable, UV stabilized netting won't deteriorate with age or lose strength when exposed to the elements.

Standard mesh is 3/4". Structural mesh is 1/2" Made from tough polypropylene, Bird Net seals entries and blocks access to roosting sites. It prevents birds from roosting and nesting in undesirable areas or from eating grains, crops, fruit or foodstuffs.

Easy Installation
Lasts for decades
Nearly invisible
Deters birds permanently

Coverage: each piece of netting covers an area its own size -100' x 14' or 200' x 14' - or it can be cut to size for a smaller application
Deters Pests: birds (pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, seagulls, swallows), bats, most critters and larger rodents
Uses: edges, beams, rafters, railings, air conditioners, signs, windowsills, gutters, roof perimeters, chimneys, support structures, awnings, poles, lights, statues, trusses, building projections and anywhere else birds roost.

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