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Fieldscout Soilstick pH Meter

Fieldscout Soilstick pH Meter
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The SoilStik pH Meter?s flat surface electrode measures pH in soils, semi-solids, solids and liquids. Temporary memory recalls up to 15 sequentially tagged readings for easy recalls. Automatic temperature compensation ? simultaneously displays pH level and temperature of sample. The SoilStik pH Meter features a waterproof design; it will float in water and protects the meter in wet environments. The unit includes batteries, pH 4 & 7 solutions, and a soft case. Actual Dims, 1.4? x 6.8? x 1.6?. Actual wt 3.8 oz.

Range: 0.00 to 14.0 Ph; 23ºF to 194ºF (-5ºC to 90ºC); resolution 0.01pH; 1º; Accuracy ± 0.01pH, ±1.8ºF / ± 1ºC.

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