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Mircromax Pro

Mircromax Pro
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Seedburo is pleased to be able to offer the Honeywell MicroMAX Pro series gas detectors. The Pro is the only monitor that is easy to use, reliable, high quality, economical and light weight. It also has a short response time, built-in data logging, lifetime warranty*, voice assist, and is certified for explosive dust environments like grain elevators.

The MicroMAX Pro comes complete with voice assist in four languages (English, French, German, and Spanish) and every function, when activated, is accompanied with a voice message in the language of the display choice. Every function, when activated, is accompanied by a voice message - very valuable in poorly lit environments. The voice prompt can also be deactivated if desired.

The MicroMAX Pro is OSHA compliant, has a rugged case that provides superior RFI/EMI shielding, as well as dust, water, and impact resistance. It is designed, tested, and manufactured under strict ISO 9001 standards, and UL classified for use in hazardous locations, such as Class II Group G.

The unit combines diffusion and built-in internal sampling pump systems for simultaneously monitoring 1-5 gases. The popular internal pump allows for easy pre-testing in confined spaces and provides almost instantaneous readings of gas concentrations. In order to save power, the pump can be switched off and the diffusion mode will take over.

The MicroMAX Pro has preset and field selectable alarms. Both audible and visual alarms warn the user if the oxygen levels are either too low or enriched, combustible gas is present, or toxic gas levels are too high. The toxic gas alarms can be easily adjusted in the field from immediate to TWA and alarms are also activated in case of sensor failure, low battery voltage, pump blockage, or low air flow.

Unique software performs a self diagnostic with each start-up. With the push of the mode button, you can review information, as well as customize user settings or initiate calibration.

Calibration is easier then ever before - it's all automatic - not tools, screws or stopwatch required. Simply place in calibration 'Mode", introduce calibration gas and wait for voice/display indicating calibration is complete! A NiMH rechargeable battery pack and 4-hour charger are now included with each monitor - can't wait 4 hours to charge batteries? Just use 4 AAA sized alkaline batteries while the battery pack charges.

The MicroMAX Pro includes:
* Rubber boot with shoulder strap
* Rechargeable NiMH batter pack with 4-hour charge
* Dust Filter
* Alkaline Battery holder, 10' sampling hose with water trap and particulate filter
* MPRO-DATALOG Windows? 95/98 compatible data logging software & interface cable

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