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Room Dehumidifying Drying System

Room Dehumidifying Drying System
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Product Literature

A self-contained, fully automatic, high performance, solid adsorption-type dehumidifier containing two molecular sieve desiccant beds; one supplies dehumidified air while the other is being regenerated. Standard Process Air Heater is provided to maintain desired process air temperature from 180°F - 250°F. High Temperature Process Heater is available as an option. Separate blowers and filters are provided for the adsorption and regeneration air circuits.The process and regeneration filter under normal operation stops fines down to 10 microns in size. Because hopper size and particulate configurations vary, airflow is measured at free flow.

System designed for operation up to 3000 ft above Sea Level; other elevations must be specified at time of purchase. This dryer is equipped with precision and long life positive seal air valves and uses the most current touch screen control technology with the Focus series controllers. As a standard, the controller also datalogs key process functions and sets parameters and alarms. The open frame dryer design provides convenient access to all dryer components for ease of maintenance.



  • Open-frame Design for EASY Accessibility and Maintenance
  • Precision Laser Cut Air Valves for Positive Sealing
  • Tubular Heaters
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Low Dew Point (-40° or lower)
  • Desiccant Fill/Sample Ports
  • Filter View Glass
  • Standard Process Heater
  • FACS Interface Compatible
  • Datalogger on Board
  • Standard Dew Point Sensor
  • NEMA-12 Electrical Control Box
  • Fused Disconnects
  • FOCUS-pro Controller with 5.7” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 460V/3/60Hz
  • Material Saver Function

Drying Application Options

  • Hoses/Ductwork for Hopper Connections
  • Process Air Cooling Coil for Low Temperature Applications (<170°F)
  • Return Air Cooling Coil for Batch Drying or High Temperature Applications (>250°F)
  • High Temperature Hose
  • Remote-mounted High Temperature Process Heater
  • Remote-mounted Standard Temperature Process Heater
  • Plasticizer Filter with Return Air Cooler
  • FOCUS-max Controller Upgrade

Drying Configuration Options

  • U.L. 508 Certified Electrical Panel
  • Second Process Heater with Control
  • Special Voltages:
    - 208/3/60Hz, 230/3/60, 400/3/50Hz, 575/3/60Hz
    - 575/3/60Hz with Ontario Hydro Standards
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 Panelview Plus
  • Compact 5.5” Touchscreen Color Upgrade
  • Flange Mounted Disconnect Upgrade
  • 10.4” Touchscreen Display Upgrade
  • Solid State Contactors in Lieu of Mercury Contactors
  • Y-Duct with Air Damper Valve
  • On-board Conveying System, VCL (Single or Dual)
  • Pre-Filter Cyclone
  • Water Flow Control Valve
  • Frame Stand with Casters


  • EasiDew Dew Point Sensor (-148°F - +68°F)
  • Alarm Horn, Beacon Light, or Strobe
  • 10.4” LCD Remote Touchscreen Operator Interface,
  • 25’ Cable Included


We must have the following information in order to determine your dehumidifier requirements. Copy and paste into an e-mail and fill in the blanks or print, write in the information, scan and e-mail us the page back. sales@seedburo.com

1. How large is your room? (cu. ft.) _______ (Dims: W x L x H)__________________
2. Is your room _____ air conditioned or _____ refrigerated?
3. What temperature do you maintain in the room? F°: _______ C°: _______
4. What relative humidity do you wish to hold? __________%
5. What is your ambient relative humidity? _________%
6. What is your ambient temperature? F°: __________ C°: __________
7. Is the room ____ completely within a building or ____ have outside walls?
8. Number of: doors ______ windows ______
9. Can they be weather-stripped and made vapor tight? ____ Yes ____ No
10. How many people work in the room? __________
11. How often and for how long are the doors opened? _________
12. Is the room ventilated? __________
13. At what CFM rate? _________
14. Voltage Requirements: ________Volts ________Hz

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