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Soil Sampling Kit

Soil Sampling Kit

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These soil samplers are built for hard use under all kinds of conditions and in all types of soils.  Specifically constructed of multi-plated steel to resist the abrasive action of the soil. By examining the plow layer in several places, such as under plants and between rows, it can be quickly deter-mined when to irrigate. Further examination of the soil core will indicate the amount of water required.

Complete Kit Includes: One Hand Brace, One 12" Handle, Three 12" Extension Rods, One 12" Carbide Tipped Auger, One 15" Core Tube, One S-1 Tip, One S-2 Tip, One S-3 Tip, One S-4 Tip-Heavy Duty, One Tip Wrench, Two Flat Wrenches, Two Separate Footjacks, One Cleaning Brush and Carrying Case.

Net wt.16.5 lbs. Actual Dims. 18" L x 15" D x 5" H, Ship wt. 20 lbs ..... No. SSZ

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