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Metric Cups

Metric Cups

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The Seedburo Filling Hopper and Stand is designed for the accurate filling of volumetric cups for bulk density measurement. Meets the specifications of the USDA-FGIS (GIPSA) for official inspection. The filling hopper is heavy gauge brass spinning with a slide gate valve for instant release of grain. The opening is a standard 1¼" diameter. Adjustment of the hopper can be made to the proper 2 inch height above any cup. The heavy cast base has wide spread legs that allow for the overflow pan and provide stability. Unit includes No. 64P plastic triangular sample pan. Ship wt 15 lbs. Ship Dims 13" L x 13" W x 15" H.

The density cups are available for use on the Filling Hopper and Stand, and other filling devices are: Quart Cup (meets the specifications of the USDA-FGIS (GIPSA) for official inspection), Pint Cup, Liter Cup, and Half Liter Cup.

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