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Hecto Portable Hectoliter Test Weight Kit

Hecto Portable Hectoliter Test Weight Kit

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The EASI-WAY Hectoliter Test Weight Kit utilizes the European standard principal of weighing a known volume of grain and determining its bulk density in kilograms per hectoliter (Kg/hl).  The grain sample is dropped down a stainless steel chondrometer under the restriction of a falling weight. The sample is weighed and converted to Kg/hl by use of a conversion chart. The EASI-WAY is matched to the EEC 20 liter volume. Meets international standard ISO 7971-3.

2000g x 1g readability.

Each kit includes: stainless steel chondrometer, digital balance, cut-off slide, 1/2 liter cup, conversion chart, instructions and carrying case. The only charts available for this tester are wheat, barley and oats. Uses one 9V battery.

Net wt. 9 lbs. Ship wt 11 lbs. Ship dims 21" L x 15" W x 7" H.

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