Open-Handle Probes

Open-Handle Probes

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Open-Handle Probes

Open-Handle Probes

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The first essential step in grain grading is to obtain a correct and representative sample. Cars, trucks, wagons or barge loads should be sampled with a double tube probe in five or more places. Also used for plastics, Seedburo probes are made to conform to USDA specifications. They are constructed from extra heavy gauge tubing for durable, time-tested sampling.

Open-ended probes without partitions are more convenient to empty and are widely used by the grain elevator operators for obtaining samples from truck loads. After sample is obtained, probe is held upright and sample is dumped from the handle. These probes are designated with the OH at the end of the product code.

No. 16-OH  72" Brass Open-Handle probe with 12 openings. Ship Wt: 10 lbs, Ship Dimensions: 75" x 4" x4"

No. 18-OH  72" Probe Aluminum Probe with 12 openings. Ship Wt: 5 lbs, Ship Dimensions: 75" x 4" x 4"

No. 20-OH  40" Brass Open-Handle probe with 6 openings. Ship Wt: 7 lbs, Ship Dimensions: 44" x 4" x4"

No. 21-OH  51" Brass Open-Handle probe with 8 openings. Ship Wt: 7 lbs, Ship Dimensions: 54" x 4" x4"

No. 22-OH  63" Brass Open-Handle probe with 10 openings. Ship Wt: 9 lbs, Ship Dimensions: 66" x 4" x4"