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Port-A-Probe Sampling System

Port-A-Probe Sampling System
Port-A-Probe Sampling System

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The Port-A-Probe offered by Seedburo is a unique portable sampling system that is ideal for grain storage of all sizes and types. The Port-A-Probe is used to sample grain bins, flat storage, grain piles and any grain container. Commonly used in remote locations, the Port-A-Probe is powered by a 270cc (9HP) Honda gas engine eliminating the need for electric current and explosion proof fittings. Samples are obtained without dragging heavy equipment to the top of bins or over flat storage areas. The special suction hose and the lightweight aluminum probe sections are all you need at the grain surface. Samples are contained within the system and can be collected at ground level outside the bin.
Changing times are requiring more emphasis on quality, sanitation and minimizing chemical treatment. The use of the Port-A-Probe has many benefits. It takes the sample when the grain is not moving. The grain is securely held in a bin and the identity is preserved. The grain can be repeatedly sampled and inspected for changes. This is a critical control point for a hazard analysis. Moving or turning grain is costly. It causes kernel breakage, dust and shrinkage. It spreads insects that work 24/7. The Port-A-Probe puts management in control to make the best decisions.

The Port-A-Probe PAP and PAP-HES can reach depths of 120 ft. (36.6m). The Model PAP-5.5H is a smaller and lighter unit and reaches depths of 50 ft. This unit has a recoil start engine. Temperature cables can be inserted in grain bins with these system. The high strength, thick wall aluminum probe section are attached by machine threads designed for heavy duty use.

The Port-A-Probe base units features a movable cyclone receiver with a clear plastic sample collection pitcher, a positive displacement vacuum pump and the 270cc (9HP) Honda gas engine, hose reel, vacuum gauge, hour meter, tachometer, and key start. Hose reel holds six (6) 50 ft. hoses. No. PAP and No. PAP-HES (Base Unit): Ship dims: 52" (L) x 48" (W) x 34" (H). No. PAP and No. PAP-HES (Hose and Accessories): Ship dims: 42" (L) x 42" (W) x 30" (H). No. PAP and No. PAP-HES (Base Unit, Hose, and Accessories): Ship wt: 500 lbs, Export wt: 575 lbs, Export dims: 60" (L) x 48" (W) x 42" (H). No. PAP-5.5H: Ship/export wt: 300 lbs, Ship/export dims: 42" (L) x 42" (W) x 42" (H).

For a complete system you will need: A base unit, hose, lever yoke, the aluminum threaded tip and various probe sections based upon the depth you need to probe.

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