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Apollo Truck Probes

Apollo Truck Probes
Apollo Truck Probes

From its origins in the 1960’s, the Apollo line of truck probe samplers has been on the cutting edge. Originally manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa, the Apollo line has evolved from the earliest light duty units to today’s heavy duty, highly dependable versions. Today the Apollo line features two models. The Model 610A is ideal for use in country elevator and large farm applications. The Model 17 is perfect for mid to large sized elevators and processing plant applications. Both feature very rugged and durable construction with four bolt flange bearings at the major wear points. Both Gamet truck probe samplers are hydraulically driven; this ensures the most powerful and longest lasting drive mechanisms available. Both are equipped with counter balance valves ensuring smooth operation of the up/down movement of the sample probe.

The Apollo line is available with both core and compartment style sample probes. Core style probes feature a single opening for sampling in the tip of the probe. This is the fastest and most cost effective way of obtaining a representative sample. Compartment style probes work the same as a hand held brass probe. Once the probe is inserted into the load the operator opens and closes the sample ports with the joystick operator.

 Other standard features include joystick controls for all movement of the sample probe, vacuum motor shut off timer, and the use of aviation grade hydraulic oil allowing for use in cold weather applications without the use of tank heaters.

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