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Boerner Divider Heavy Duty

Boerner Divider Heavy Duty
Boerner Divider Heavy Duty
Boerner Divider Heavy Duty
Boerner Divider Heavy Duty

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Our Boerner Divider is the standard divider for all federal, state, and local grain inspection offices. It is built to meet USDA-FGIS (GIPSA) specifications for official inspections and is referenced in the equipment handbook.

The 34 divider is gravity operated. Sample is placed in the hopper and released by moving a slide gate located in the hopper throat. The product is evenly dispersed over a cone that has 38 pockets. The grain, after initial separation, is rejoined into two chutes which empty out of the bottom hopper.

The Boerner is calibrated to provide accurate splits of ±1% on a 1000g sample.

The Seedburo Boerner divider is made from brass and copper, which makes it rust resistant. The legs and supports are brass plated steel. A divider is supplied complete with two brass pans with handles for easy transport of divided samples. The 34 stands 31" high with 3" clearance under the spouts.

Net wt. 30 lbs, Ship wt. 34 lbs., Dims. 18" L x 18" W x 39" H.

Click here to go to the Sound Abatement Kit page.  This Sound Abatement Kit reduces unhealthy noise levels in the lab by as much as 80% when properly applied to the Boerner Divider.

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