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S/J Picking Tray

S/J Picking Tray
S/J Picking Tray
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Anyone who has graded grain knows that analyzing the picking portion is the most difficult and time consuming part of inspection. Examination of the picking portion requires each kernel to be viewed on both the top and bottom sides. If all kernels are not turned to see the reverse side, damage can be missed. The S/J system is much like speed reading. A grain grader can review kernels much faster with our inspection boards. Kernels are not turned individually, but instead all turned at the same time. Grain elevator managers and inspectors can keep up with the grade of the grain and will have added confidence in their results.  (Photograph shows the vacuum tweezers, which are no longer available.)


1. The grain is placed on the corrugated half on the picking tray. A few short, quick shakes will spread the grain to one layer.

2. With tweezers in one hand, pick the damaged and suspect damage.

3. Start at one corner of the top or bottom, viewing a few rows as you move across the tray. Then return in the opposite direction viewing the next rows. Continue until all rows have been reviewed. Only pick damaged and suspected damage as you pass over the rows.

4. The second half of the picking tray (foam side) is now placed on top of the first half (corrugated half). Holding them tightly together, turn them over. This now places the foam half on the bottom.

5. Carefully remove he corrugated half of the picking tray and repeat step number three.

6. The suspect kernels can now be viewed more closely and added to the damage sample.

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