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Dual Range Light Meter

Dual Range Light Meter

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The 703D-250VC Huygen Dual Range Digital Lightmeter features dual range, hold function for each range, automatic zeroing, plus improved resolution and accuracy.  The electronics are mounted in an anodized aluminum case.

To ensure accuracy, every Huygen lightmeter is calibrated at multiple points to NIST traceable secondary standards for luminous intensity and color temperature. Meter reading extends well beyond the upper calibrated range.

The 703D-250VC has a multi-element glass filter that does not fade or change spectral transmission characteristics over long periods of time. With a stable and accurate life that typically exceeds 40 years, it is far superior to plastic and gelatin filter. It has been coupled with at cosine filter that corrects the instrument for true foot-candle or lux measurements when significant side light is present - e.g. light from fluorescent tubes or multiple sources such as a long hallway. Such meters accurately measure all types of lighting as the human eye would including fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, sodium, and mercury vapor.

The meter is designed for interior illumination with a range of 0-50.0/250 foot-candle. The meter measures 3.1 inch wide X 6.01 inch long, X 1.28 inch deep and weighs 13.7 oz. including battery. It is powered by a 9V transistor battery (not included) and has been approved by USDA/GIPSA/FGIS for use by licensed grain inspectors.

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