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S/J Sorghum Bleach Kit

S/J Sorghum Bleach Kit
S/J Sorghum Bleach Kit

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The S/J Sorghum Bleach Kit, offered by Seedburo, is a complete system used for the detection of germ damaged sorghum, class determination (mixed sorghum) and for detecting tannin (or brown sorghum). Tannin sorghum is a variety that is bad in taste and undesirable to feeding animals.

The bleaching process involves weighing a 15g sample of sorghum, adding it to the mixing jar, along with 40ml of household bleach and 15g of potassium hydroxide* pellets (for germ damage) or 5g (for mixed sorghum and tannin). The combined sample is then mixed for 3 minutes in the S/J Mixer, removed from the jar, and then it is rinsed under tap water. The sample is then dried for approximately 5 minutes. The process removes the seed coat from the germ area to aid in visual inspection. Official procedure used by USDA-FGIS (GIPSA).

Bleach Test Mixer Complete: Net wt.6 lbs, dims 7" L x 5½" W x 9" H, Ship wt, 8 lbs, Ship dims 11" L x 11" W x 11" H. (*Potassium hydroxide is a hazardous and toxic chemical, handle accordingly)

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