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Round Sample Pans

Round Sample Pans

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Our round sample pans are made of a heavy gauge tin (except for No. 44 which is lightweight aluminum) and are available in the following sizes:

No. 44  Round Aluminum Sample Pan - 4½" Dia x 1" H 
No. 44-2  Round Sample Pan, 2 qt liquid (1.7 qt dry) - 8" Dia x 2¾" H
No. 44-4  Round Sample Pan, 4 qt liquid (3.4 qt dry) - 9¼" Dia x 2⅞" H
No. 44-6  Round Sample Pan, 5 qt liquid (5.1 qt dry) - 11" Dia x 3½" H
No. 44F  Round Foil Pan w/ fluted Sides (PKG/50) - 4.25" Dia x 1.5" H

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