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No. 3 Rice Miller

No. 3 Rice Miller
No. 3 Rice Miller

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This miller accurately tests rice samples for milling yield by automatically controlling both the milling pressure and the time cycle. Milling pressure is controlled with iron weights in increments of ½ lb up to 10 lbs for a wide range of milling results.  An automatic timer, with 60 second dial, stops the machine at the desired interval. A manual push button "stop" control is also provided.

All interior surfaces in contact with the rice are hard-chrome plated, rust-free and long wearing. This sturdy machine is built to comply with the service requirements of U.S.D.A. Federal/State Rice Inspection Service. Sample size approximately 1000g.

Equipped with 3HP motor, standard wiring, 220V, 60Hz. 3 phase, complete with automatic timer and starter. All wires connected and tested, ready for installation and connection to power source.

Net wt. 250 lbs, Ship wt crated: 275 lbs. Ship Dims. 35" L x 21" W x 30"

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