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Rice Sizing Device

Rice Sizing Device
Rice Sizing Device

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Here's How It Works: First, insert two plates of the same size into the machine, then feed a standard sample of 1000 grams of cleaned shelled, milled rice onto the top screen. When the entire sample has passed over the plates, remove and empty the rice that remains on the plates into a separate container. Change to the next set of plates and repeat the above steps, until all necessary separations have been made.

Because the total sample was 1000 grams, the percentage of each portion is obtained by weighing it and simply moving the decimal point one place. The percentage of whole rice is taken from the weight of the rice which remains after the last set of plates have been used.

Rice Sizing Device: Net Wt. 84 lbs, Ship Wt. 160 lbs. Ship Wt with Set of 10 Plates 200 lbs, Ship Dims. 35" L x 35" W x 25" H Single Plate: Net wt.3 lbs., Ship Wt. 5 lbs, Ship Dims 25" L x 11" W x 4" H.

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