Seedburo Microprocessor Germinator

Seedburo Microprocessor Germinator

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Seedburo Microprocessor Germinator

Seedburo Microprocessor Germinator

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WATTS: @1872 5-20P PLUG

Seedburo’s Microprocessor-Controlled Germinator provides unmatched consistent reproducible environmental conditions automatically for uninterrupted operation. The user-friendly state-of-the-art touch-screen is easy to use and allows the user the control of almost any combination of temperature, light intensity, humidity parameters, and time options with greater accuracy than typical electromechanically controlled units.

This large and highly advanced test chamber is extremely versatile, meeting many test requirements that may require a controlled single set point temperature, alternating temperature patterns, light and dark or alternating light periods. Accurate and reliable controls are easy to use, making this an excellent choice for running special tests. The unit has the ability to easily store data in the PLC and retrieve repetitive test procedures with the use of the USB port located next to the touch screen. Test data is recorded permanently for clear interpretation and later downloaded to a supplied USB.

The “Flow-Thru” air distribution system is comprised of an independent heating system and separate cooling system, as well as a humidification via a water atomizer. All components are self-contained and completely enclosed for operator safety. The air pattern created circulates conditioned air throughout the chamber and assures minimal temperature variance between test trays. The MPG3000 is standard with interior full-view see-thru split doors, for periodic inspection of samples with minimal disruption to the temperature/humidity balance in the interior chamber. Test trays are perforated for greater air flow and are resistant to rusting or mineral deposits build-up, making cleaning simple. There are 6 vertically mounted “Cool Bright” LED lighting strips within tubes, three (3) mounted on the interior of the front door, as well as three (3) located on interior rear wall, allowing for several levels of light conditions throughout the entire 28.5 cubic feet of interior.

MPG3000 is constructed entirely of high-grade commercial type 304/18-8 stainless steel, including rigid tubular and welded base frame, for greater durability, easy cleaning and prevention of rodent infestation. Outer doors have magnetic gasket seals and heavy duty polished hardware.

Net wt: 725 lbs, Actual dims: 53" (L) x 32.9" (W) x 81.7" (H), Ship/
Export wt: 1150 lbs, Ship/Export dims: 58" (L) x 40" (W) x 92" (H).



  • Lighted on/off switch
  • Programmable touch screen
  • PLC data storage, USB downloadable

Control Panel

  • Touch screen controller: Large full color display for easing programming of: Relative humidity, Temperature, Test and Cycle(s), Time Remaining, Program Recall, Editing, Time of Day, Test Duration, Run/Program, or Auto/Manual modes (F/C, Real Time Clock, Data Download Function, Heat/Cool and Light/Dark Level(s)
  • Simple on/off switch
  • USB data/printer port

Temperature, Humidity and Lighting

  • Temperature range: 1.6°C–54.4°C (35°F–130°F), Precision: 1-degree increments ±2°, Uniformity: ±7°F
  • Wet Range: 0–95% sprays water on time and duration, active humidity based on Rh set point desired
  • Light Level Adjustable: Off/Low/Medium/High
  • Low: Two strips of LEDs, 1800 lumen each (total of 3600 lumen)
  • Medium: four strips of LEDs, 1800 lumen each (total of 7200 lumen)
  • High: Six strips of LEDs, 1800 lumen each (total of 10,800 lumen), 6500°K wavelength, illumination color white, highly reflective stainless steel surfaces for greater light spread

Interior Capacity

  • Capacity: 25.6 Cubic ft.
  • Interior Dimensions: 29½" (L) x 25½" (W) x 61" (H)
  • Trays: 10 included, perforated aluminum 20.0" x 25.375", can hold 40 trays on 1.5" spacing