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Microprocessor Germinator

Microprocessor Germinator
Microprocessor Germinator
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Seedburo's Deluxe Microprocessor-Controlled Germinator provides unmatched consistent reproducible environmental conditions automatically for uninterrupted operation. The "user-friendly" state-of-the-art "touch-screen" is easy to use and allows the control of almost any combination of temperature, light intensity, humidity parameter and time options, with greater accuracy than typical electromechanical controlled units.

This large and highly advanced test chamber is extremely versatile, meeting many test requirements that may require a controlled single set point temperature, alternating temperature patterns, light, dark or alternating light periods. Accurate and reliable controls are independent and offer a variety of ways to use this chamber, making this an excellent choice for running special tests, as well as the ability to easily store and retrieve repetitive test procedures. With the use of the built-in printer, the recorder insures that immediate and accurate test data is recorded permanently for clear interpretation.

Applications of the MPG-3000 versatile testing chamber would typically include meeting specific requirements of temperatures, humidity and light level intensity, such as: pre-chiller, seed germination, seed tests and research, plant test and research, plant growth, propagation, accelerated aging, photo stability tests, zoology, botany, tetrazolium, biological research and tissue cultures tests.

The "Flo-Thru" air distribution system is comprised of an independent heating system, a separate cooling system, as well as a humidification water atomizer. All components are self-contained, completely enclosed for operator safety. The air pattern that is created circulates conditioned air throughout the chamber and assures minimal temperature variance between test trays. The MPG-3000 is equipped with an interior full-view see thru split doors, for periodic inspection of samples with minimal disruption to the temperature/humidity balance in the interior chamber. Test trays are perforated for greater air flow and are constructed of stainless steel, that prevent rusting or mineral deposit build-up, making cleaning simple.

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