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Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak® Seed Counters

Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak® Seed Counters
Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak® Seed Counters

Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak® Seed Counters

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The Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak ® incorporates new microprocessor technology with the time proven reliable vibratory feeder bowl system. The 801 is a highly versatile and accurate combination seed counter. Operating functions include: 

TOTALIZE: Registers a complete count on a pre-weighed or volumetrically measured portion.

BATCH COUNT: Accurately counts a predetermined number of seeds in a single batch.

REPEAT BATCH: Allows for the continual repetition of a single batch count.

MULTIPLE BATCH: Can be set to count numerous batches with different seed counts and quantities. The membrane touch panel enables the user to program the 801 while visually keeping track of the seed count; batch or group count; sensitivity and speed settings. All functions or adjustments are controlled from this user-friendly panel. The microprocessor controls also allow for a bag detection system that prevents double filling of bags or spilling when a bag is not present. The 801 control console is adaptable for either a 7" or 10" feeder base. Serial data interface capabilities allow for direct printer attachment, data logger or computer interface. The optional foot switch gives total hands free operation.

Electromagnetic vibratory action moves the seeds upward along the track. Selective devices in the bowl arrange the seeds into a single file, one layer deep, before they are discharged. As a seed travels down the chute, it is detected by a microprocessor controlled sensor. Unlike "electric-eye" counters, this sensor sensitivity is adjustable. This means that chaff or other undesirable matter will not be counted. Quick disconnect feature allows for easy and complete clean-out of the feeder bowl. The 801 is available with a 7", 10" or 10" shallow feeder bowl to accommodate seed sizes from small vegetable to large grain.

SPECIFICATIONS: Power Requirements: Specify Voltage (115V or 230V) and Cycle (50Hz or 60Hz). Dims & Wts: Operator Control Console: Dims. 13¾" L x 11" W x 8" H. Ship wt. 19" L x 14" W x 13" H. Net wt. 18 lbs. Ship wt. 21 lbs. Feeder Base: Dims. 15¼" L x 13" W x 15" H. Ship Dims. 25" L x 17" W x 16" H. Net Wt. 40 lbs, Ship Wt. 45 lbs. 

Cost of a custom carton will be added to the shipping charges for each seed counter, our part No.801/DOM at $50.00.

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