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Spad 502 Chlorophyll Meter

Spad 502 Chlorophyll Meter
Spad 502 Chlorophyll Meter

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The SPAD 502 Chlorophyll Meter instantly measures the amount of chlorophyll or "greenness" of your plants. Nitrogen needs can be assessed by comparing in-field SPAD readings to adequately fertilized check or reference strips. This allows you to adjust your nitrogen program to actual plant needs and reduce the risk of yield-limiting deficiencies or costly over-fertilizing. The SPAD 502 features an optical measurement system offering density difference at two wavelengths with a measurement area of 2mm x 3mm (approx. 3/32" x 1/8"). The meter has a two LED light source, silicon photodiode receptor and space for 30 data sets. Repeatability within ±0.3 SPAD value between 0 and 50. Includes 2 AA alkaline batteries (1.5V).

1 lb. Ship wt. 2 lbs. Dims 10" L x 7" W x 6" H.

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