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Single and Dual Range Dial Thermometers

Single and Dual Range Dial Thermometers

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Accurate readings are always obtained with these 3" and 5" bimetallic dial thermometers.  Ruggedly built, these thermometers are constructed of stainless steel (type 304) casings and stems with heavy glass lenses and large black figures. All thermometers have ¼" dia. stems with ½" NPT connections, nut-type recalibrator and accuracy to 1% of span.

Must specify range in notes when ordering.

Single and Dual Temperature Ranges Available:

-40/160°F      0/220°F        25/125°F     50/300°F       50/500°F     
-40/70°C      -10/100°C      0/50°C        10/150°C       0/250°C

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