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Laboratory Oat Huller

Laboratory Oat Huller
Laboratory Oat Huller

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The Seedburo Oat Huller is designed to minimize breakage during hulling operation.  Hulling a 50 gram sample takes approximately one minute. Hulls and fuzz are separated from the groats and are sorted into two separate collection canisters, allowing for quick weighing of fractions. The fractions allow the lab technician to check for heat and frost damage, mold, weathering, discoloration and odor. The unit's simple and rugged design nearly eliminates the need for spare parts. The unit comes complete with 1/3HP motor, 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1PH.

Net wt. 115 lbs. Ship wt. 370 lbs. Dims. 30" L x 38" W x 89" H.

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