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South Dakota Seed Blower

South Dakota Seed Blower
South Dakota Seed Blower
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The 757 South Dakota Seed Blower utilizes airflow, which is generated by a blower motor and as that air passes through a column (1½", 3" or 4") the air lifts light fluffy material or empty seed hulls into the top beveled area of the column, while larger heavier good seed stays at the bottom. The motor is ⅓HP, 110V/60HZ OR 220V/60Hz and operates at 3,450 RPM. The 757/A 220V/50HZ unit is ½HP and 2,850 RPM.

Separations are accurately controlled by a calibrated valve cap in the top of the column. Sold without columns.

We offer three column sizes: 1½" I.D. x 23¼" H, 3" I.D. x 34¼" H, and 4" I.D. x 35¼"H, constructed of clear Plexiglas. This permits easy viewing of the calibrated air valves on all three-column sizes. The 757 base measures 20" L x 20" W x 30½" H. Additional features include a 5-minute timer, on/off control knob and a hand brake to stop the motor instantly to eliminate coasting of the blower fan.

Ship wt. 155 lbs. Net. wt. 110 lbs.

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