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LA-K Gravity Separator

LA-K Gravity Separator
LA-K Gravity Separator
The Westrup gravity separator has a positive pressure deck fan system with air volume throttle and interchangeable deck coverings. You can order our full size or reduced area decks for smaller lot sizes. The deck pitch is adjustable in both directions and the eccentric strokes and lengths are also adjustable. A tachometer is provided to monitor deck agitation frequency. The LA-K separates material into five product density fractions and collection trays are included. The unit is rated at 220 lbs. (100Kgs) per hour on wheat. Complete with 4/5HP motor which requires 870 watts of power and generates 0-500RPM, and one full or reduced area deck.

Dims. with stand: 50" L X 34" W X 66" H, Ship wt:800 lbs.

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