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Laboratory Rice Length Grader

Laboratory Rice Length Grader
Laboratory Rice Length Grader
Laboratory Rice Length Grader

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The Model 68 Length Grader is designed for maximum efficiency when working in the testing laboratory. This basic cylinder style can provide similar separations to the Rice Sizing Device but in much shorter time. Intended primarily for the rice buyer as a complement to maximize the efficiency of the production size equipment by first measuring the length-sizing separations on laboratory sized equipment and is not meant to replace the Rice Sizing Device (official approved testing machine USDA-FGIS-GIPSA) as a grading machine.

The rotating indented cylinder separates by length the broken or shorter grains from whole kernels with elongated shape such as, rice, wheat, oats, flax, barley, rye, vetch, carrot or lettuce seed, etc. The broken or short kernels are lifted by the indent pockets that line the inside surface of the cylinder. The operator controls the separation by adjusting the position of the separating edge of the internal collection pan (into which the broken product falls) and the speed of the cylinder rotation. Aluminum, stainless steel and brass materials are used for long life and quality.

Standard Features: Variable speed control, collection pan tilt adjustment control with angle indication, digital timer control, sealed gear drive, vibration free operation, cylinder shell, separate control box with On/Off switch and Run button. Net wt: 33 lbs, Ship wt: 54 lbs, Ship dims: 21" W x 16" L x 18" H with one cylinder. Individual cylinder Ship wt: 3 lbs, Ship dims: 10" (L) x 10" (W) x 10" (H).

NOTE: Cylinders not included.

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