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Duo-Aspirator Tester

Duo-Aspirator Tester

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The CARTER DAY Duo-Aspirator separates products of different terminal velocities by lifting the light materials out of the heavier material. The product is fed at an even rate into a vertically rising air stream. The intensity of the air stream determines the "cut point" of the separation. The faster the air speed, the more light material is lifted. Typical applications will remove dust, chaff, straws and small seeds from wheat and similar cereal grains. It can also be used for lifting paper out of ground plastic, separate dust and fines from seeds and for final clean-up before bagging. The Duo-Aspirator is a closed circuit system with variable speed feed roll and fan. Includes base and ½ HP, 1200 RPM, TEFC motor. Ship wt.170 lbs

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