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Laboratory Debearder

Laboratory Debearder
Laboratory Debearder

The Mater Customized Laboratory Debearder is ideal for research with difficult seeds and requirements for rapid cleaning of many samples. Seeds come with a variety of awns, beards, glumes and other appendages that make them difficult to handle in processing. The MAT-OSU Multi-Function Debearder, offered by Seedburo, is customized to fit the appendages to be removed. The basic Debearder consists of a drum to hold the seeds and an impeller of some sort to remove the appendages. The type of drum and impeller will vary according to the nature of the seeds and we offer a wide range of choices for your debearding needs.

In addition to a selection of drums and impellers, the user can purchase this unit to do single batches or continuous operation, which works well with free flowing seed. THE DRUM AND IMPELLER VARY WITH THE MANY TYPES OF APPENDAGES AND THERE ARE MANY VARIATIONS. THE DEBEARDER CAN BE CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR SEED REQUIREMENTS. The basic debearder is supplied less the drum and impeller or brush assembly. Select those items that best suit your requirements, or contact us for recommendations.

Net Wt. 54 lbs, Ship Wt. 130 lbs, Actual dims 36" L x 12" W x 16" H, Ship Dims 47" L x 18" W x 21" H

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