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Office Tester and Cleaner

Office Tester and Cleaner
Office Tester and Cleaner
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The Clipper Model 400 Office Tester & Cleaner offered by Seedburo is an extremely efficient cleaner for office and laboratory use. This machine will provide accurate, dependable performance for small lot cleaning, testing or sampling. It is commonly used in seed plants for sampling large lots of seed for correct screen selection on larger, commercial size cleaners. It is also widely used in university laboratories for agronomy research and testing and flower and vegetable growers use the Model 400 for specialized cleaning, grading and sizing. The Model 400 has a compact, portable design and features an eccentric (shoe) drive that uses two (2) 10" x 15" screens. One top screen for scalping, one bottom screen for cleaning and grading. Perforated metal or wire cloth screens are available in over 175 different sizes. Other features include a powerful bottom blast fan driven by a three-step pulley, adjustable slide on the air intake openings to provide intermediate air regulation and an optional, removable catchall with either removable trays (shown) or solid bottom to catch air screenings.

Net wt. 70 lbs. Actual dims. 25" L (45-3/4" L with catchall) x 17" W x 23" H. Ship wt. 110 lbs. Domestic Dims. 32" L x 24" W x 32" H. Export ship wt. 185 lbs. Export ship dims. 33" L x 25" W x 33" H.

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