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Eclipse Model 334 Seed and Grain Cleaner

Eclipse Model 334 Seed and Grain Cleaner
Eclipse Model 334 Seed and Grain Cleaner

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The Eclipse 334 Cleaner features three (3) screen decks. Each screen is 34" x 34" and the top screen removes product larger than the desired seed. The scalped off material exits the front of the machine, while the good product falls through the screen.

The bottom two screens can be configured in either a split-sift or scalp-sift configuration. Trash, weed seeds, foreign material and splits drop through the bottom sift screens while the good product passes over them. Next, the product is routed through a positive column of air from the bottom blast fan. The aspiration effectively removes lightweight trash and dust that may have remained after screening.

Constructed with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame with a balanced counter throw and 13-ply marine grade plywood shoes. The Eclipse has ball tray screen cleaning and adjustable bottom air and bottom cleanout air door. The 334 can be easily attached to an auger or vibratory conveyor.

Actual assembled dimensions 77" L x 44" W x 85" H.
Domestic Ship wt. 920 lbs., Dims 60" L x 60" W x 72" H, approx.
Export Ship wt 1300 lbs., 85" L x 57" W x 91" H.
Net wt. 1800 lbs. Ship wt. 2300 lbs.
Actual dims. 77" L x 50" W x 85" H.
Ship dims. 75" L x 57" W x 92" H.

*Capacity may vary depending on seed condition, moisture content, seed varieties, types and volumes of contaminants to be separated and the percentage of foreign material acceptable in final product. Capacities shown above are for the split-flow arrangement.

Commodity Fast Clean Precision Clean
Soybeans, Wheat, Corn *250 BPH *120 BPH
Rice, Oats *190 BPH *75 BPH

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