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Batch Lab Seed Treater

Batch Lab Seed Treater
Batch Lab Seed Treater

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Product Literature

The Seedburo Batch Lab Seed Treater treats all types of seed ranging in sample size from 4 ounces to 3 pounds. The Seedburo BLST is designed to tumble seed after chemical seed treatment products are applied. The treater helps to obtain an even coating.

The BLST has a self-contained timer and switches. The timer and on/off switch are interlocked, permitting the timer to automatically stop the treater.

USER must provide their own air compressor and dosing unit to apply seed treatment.

The BLST is supplied with two drums:
6" Drum - 6" Inside Diameter, 6.5" Outer Rim Diameter, 7.22" Deep
9" Drum - 9" Inside Diameter, 10.5" Outer Rim Diameter, 11.94" Deep.

Base stands 28.7" tall when the 9" drum is attached. The base measures 8" wide and is made of stainless steel.

Ship wt. 48 lbs. Dims. 27" L x 25" W x 25" H

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