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Series OM2 Bagging Scale

Series OM2 Bagging Scale

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The OM2 and OM2A Scales are durable and easy to operate. Once desired weight has been entered, ranging between 15 and 115 lbs, the scale will repeat the weight exactly. The OM2 is a manual scale where the operator places a bag on the fill spout and activates the control. Scale trips off automatically. Operator lifts the bag release to drop the filled bag.

The OM2A is a fast, semi-automatic bagging scale that reduces operator fatigue. Once the bag is positioned on the spout, the process is automatic. The scale clamps the bag in place, opens, fills, shuts off and drops the bag.

The double beam, double poise scale is self dampening. The calibration fine adjustment weight and pointer are incorporated directly on the beam.

The bag spout on both the OM2 and OM2A is diamond shaped for rapid bag placement. Large and small mouth versions are available to accommodate most bag sizes. Standard spout size is 28". The OM2A operates on 110V/50/60Hz (220V available) and requires 100PSI and 2 CFM air for controls. Normal depth from bin to floor line is 68" to 72".

Units ship in two cartons, 19" L x 30" W x 12 H" (scale top) and 12" L x 19" W x 18" H (spout), Ship wt. 150 lbs.

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