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Pallet Trucks Model 806SS

Pallet Trucks Model 806SS

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The EZY-TILT Pallet Truck offers versatile, low cost mobility for materials that are moved and stored in stacks. Items, such as bagged feed or fertilizer become much easier to handle when placed on pallets. All units have a 1,000 lb. capacity. The unique double fork is hinged for optimal positioning during both loading and unloading operation. The shoe locks automatically into position and is easily released by tripping a foot lever. The Steel Frames are 14 guage and are recommend are recommended for general use. The Aluminum units are recommended around corrosive materials and where spark resistant equipment is required.

FOUR WHEEL MODELS: Standard with a 10" x 19" solid shoe for handling boxes which are stacked without any pallets. Forks can be ordered as an option. The skids are are the same as the Deep-Frame Models and the frames are the same as the Standard Two-Wheel Models. Two 6" swivel wheels are mounted on the skid rails which allows the entire load weight to be carried on the truck increasing the weight one person can handle. The addition of rear wheels fixes the angle at which the frame is balanced. The truck is best used on flat surfaces.

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