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Insect Trap

Insect Trap

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Our insect trap early warning system lets you monitor insect activity in stored grain. Trap is made of tough, long lasting perforated plastic and is 17" long. The tip is the reservoir for insect collection. The Seedburo Trap can be used with or without pheromones or food attractants. For best results in 20 ft. dia. bins, place one probe in the center and one trap in each quadrant of the bin. Check traps within 24 hours of placement to detect crawling insects. If two or more of any insect species are caught in the first two hours, there is the potential of a treatable population. Traps sold in cartons of 3. Dims. 17" L x 1¼ " dia. Net wt. 8 oz., Ship wt. per carton 1 lb.

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