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Dust Suppression System

Dust Suppression System

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The Dustop is an extremely efficient dust control system. It draws food grade oil from a supply tank, furnished by the user or by the factory as an option, to an internal pump, which in turn, supplies oil to the system pressure controls and then directly to the spray assemblies. A typical system will supply oil to a combined maximum of 50,000 BPH, based on a commodity weight of 56 lbs. per bushel or 48 lbs. per cubic foot at a maximum of 0.02% oil application by weight. This calculates to a maximum of 2.072 gallons per minute or 1½ gallons per 1000 bushels at a maximum pressure of 80 pounds per square inch. Base units are available for single or dual spray points.

The oil supply tank should be located as near the Dustop unit as possible. Output may be limited if the pump is required to draw oil over a long distance. The Dustop pump is capable of developing suction of 10" of mercury, or a horizontal pipe run of 100' or a straight lift of 15'. A buried 8,000-gallon horizontal tank should be located within 50' of the Dustop unit, or a booster pump may need to be supplied. The maximum distance from the base unit (pump) to the spray application points should be less than 500'.

Basic Unit Includes: Painted, lockable heavy-gauge steel enclosure, ½HP motor, 110V, 6A, TEFC, 2.8 GPM gear pump, system pressure relief valve, system pressure gauge, nozzle pressure regulator, nozzle pressure gauge, one spray lance assembly, suction (inlet) strainer (40 mesh), two illuminated manual/off/auto 3-position selector switches and two SP/DT relays for control of (2) single spray points (second spray point assembly optional). Also includes electrical connection box, internal tank with provision for optional immersion heater and provision for remote start control of one or two spray point arrangements. The spray lance assembly holds the spray nozzle and fits into the top of a spout or conveyor to be sprayed. The internal heater fits in the base unit and heats the oil before it enters the pump. The mechanical flow meter shows the gallons or liters per minute flow through each spray point. The solenoid is installed near the spray points to ensure proper spray pattern in cold weather (50°F or below). Ammeter controls monitor the amperage draw on an elevator leg or conveyor to be oiled. An adjustable amp preset is field programmed into the ammeter to stop and start the oil flow when the conveyor goes under load and the amp draw increases.

Estimated shipping weight, with accessories, single-point system, 200 lbs., 12 cubic feet.

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