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Ladder Safety System - Saflok(R) Steel Carabiner

Ladder Safety System - Saflok(R) Steel Carabiner
Our Ladder Safety System offers complete safety and security to workers who climb fixed ladders on grain bins, towers, etc. The popular LAD-SAF ® flexible cable type system consists of a tensioned galvanized steel cable running the length of the climbing area, which is attached to the ladder structure by a top and bottom mounting brackets with cable guides. An easy to use detachable safety sleeve (3330) is connected to the workers body support (safety belt or full body harness) and attached to the cable, the worker then may ascend or descend without attending to the safety sleeve. Should the worker slip or fall, the safety sleeve locks onto the cable and prevents further movement until footing can be regained. The carabiner and body support must be ordered separately. For ladder lengths greater than 30 ft call for quote.

Meets or exceeds industry standards: ANSI A14.3-1992, OSHA 1910.27, FAA RR-S-001301. CSA certified models available (Ref. Z259.2-M1979).

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