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Push Type V-Belt Planter

Push Type V-Belt Planter
Push Type V-Belt Planter

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The V-belt Push Planter is a dual-function field implement capable of uniform and accurate dispensing of numerous seed types. It is particularly suited for application where fine seed are to be planted. It may also be used to apply granular type fertilizers or herbicide. Choice of ribbed or smooth style v-belt.

Complete with planter frame with adjustable grasp-type handles, 4" wide front drive wheel, 8" diameter running wheels, planter shoe with depth control adjustment and split covering wheel. The v-belt assembly has shielded sides. Row length is adjusted by sprocket and drive assembly for row lengths from 3?2" to 22?4".

Export & Domestic Ship wt. 200 lbs., 50" L x 20" W x 40" H.

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