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Soil Compaction Meter

Soil Compaction Meter

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Monitor overall soil compaction and quality, quick and effectively with this digital penetrometer.

The #1 source of yield loss in agriculture, soil compaction prevents moisture penetration, reduces fertilizer and chemical utilization and hinders plant root growth. In some cases, yield losses can run as high as 30% due to soil compaction. Don't let it go unnoticed.

Soil Compaction meters are used to determine the density of soil and other material. An operator pushes a rod with attached (ASAE standard) cone into the ground. The resistance of the cone as it is pushed in the ground is measured and recorded in the memory of the compaction meter. The depth of the cone below soil surface is also measured and recorded in memory.

Compaction data is recorded and displayed at one inch intervals, in PSI or kPa. Built-in datalogger eliminates the need to record data manually. Included software allows user to download data, change logger settings and configure the meter.

Measure, log, and review data with the SC-900 Soil Compaction Meter to make better soil management decisions based on data specific to your field. Identify and address specific problem areas on-site and in real time. GPS not included.


Measurement Units: Cone Index (PSI or kPa)
Resolution: 1" (2.5cm), 5 PSI (35kPa)
Accuracy: ±0.5" (±1.25 cm), ±15 PSI (±103 kPa)
Range: 0-18" (0-45 cm)
Maximum Insertion Speed: 72 in/min (182 cm/min)
Maximum Applied Load: 210 lbs.
Power: 4 AAA alkaline batteries, approx 12 month life
Logger Capacity: 772 profiles without GPS 579 profiles with GPS/DGPS
Display: 16 character, 2 line LCD
Weight: 2.75 lbs. (1.25 kg)

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