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Laqua Nitrate Meter

Laqua Nitrate Meter

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The Laqua Nitrate Meter is a waterproof, pocket-sized meter that accurately measures samples as small as 0.3 mL. Immediate in-field testing determines how much nitrate is already present minimizing the possibility of wasted fertilizer. Nitrogen is essential for healthy and high yielding crops. This Meter provides accurate results and aids in the decision of when and how much nitrogen is needed. The sensor is stored dry and is easily replaced and will last for approximately 500 measurements. Meter includes batteries, case and calibration standards.

Measurement Principle: Ion electrode method; Sample Volume Required, 0.3mL to 2.0mL; Measurement Range: 14 to 1400 ppm NO³- -N (62 to 6200 ppm NO³-); Calibration (2 Point): 450ppm NO³- -N (2000ppm NO³-), 34ppm NO³- -N (150ppm NO³-); Reproducibility: ± 10%

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