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Double Wheel Chock

Double Wheel Chock

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Provide safe and effective blocking of all rolling stock with Seedburo's Wheel Chocks. These chocks are used by railroads, industry, and shippers and receivers of carload freight. No tools required, chocks instantly attach and are quickly removed. Units come complete with rail biting steel spurs. Standard finish in railroad maintenance-of-way yellow. Complete with indicator flag. OSHA-mandated wheel chocks help keep freight car from moving during loading and unloading.  Wheel chocks fit railroad T-rail from 75-141 lbs./yd. and wheels 28? to 44? dia.

Basic Wheel Chock Rules:

1. Do not use a chock to stop a moving car.
2. Apply car hand brake before installing chocks under wheels (chock alone will not hold car steady).
3. Use two chocks per car - one at each end.
4. In a line of cars, chock the care being worked on. Be sure brake is applied beforehand.
5. Do not use chocks on sloped track. Chock will not hold car on a grade

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