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One Way Portable Derail

One Way Portable Derail

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Derails are emergency car stopping devices to prevent unauthorized movement of a locomotive or railcar. The derail lifts the flange of the car wheel and drops it clear of the rail impeding forward movement. OSHA, FRA, and DOT regulations require derail protection for all active rail siding. Derails help prevent these railroad accidents:

1. Railcars rolling into each other.
2. Unauthorized or premature removal of cars by locomotive.
3. Rollaway car escaping out onto mainline.

Sabertooth? Portable Derails For temporary derailing capability use these Portable Derails on exposed rail track and wooden ties. All Sabertooth? portable derails feature tool-free installation, are lightweight, and feature a patented safety hook to keep derail from sliding down the rail.

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