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Mesh Pollinating Apron

Mesh Pollinating Apron
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These handy aprons are used with any brand of pollination bags, whether our Canvasback, Midco or others. They will hold bags, tags or pollination accessories that are carried in the field. These are a mesh apron with 2 large and 5 small pockets.

Available in red or navy blue, No. APRON-PS, or Standard Pocket Apron, is 15"H x 26"W overall and the main pockets on this apron are 2.5"D x 6.5"W x 11"H. The APRON-PLB, or Large Pocket Apron, is is 15"H by 28"W overall, large pocket is 3.5" D x 7.5" W x 11" H. Both available in red or navy blue vinyl mesh. The belt length on either apron is 46" with a quick release clasp. The No.APRON-PL Large Pocket Apron is shown in the photo.

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