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Hand-Held Microscope

Hand-Held Microscope
Hand-Held Microscope

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The IPM Scope combines a digital movie camera, precision optics and LED lighting in a microscope that fits in the palm of your hand. 40 to 140X magnification lets you zoom in on the fine details of insects, textiles, electronics or anything else too small to see.

Place the IPM Scope over the object and comfortably view the live and still image on your computer screen, instead of straining to look into a tiny eyepiece. Capture images of movies, easily add labels, make measurements and even draw right on the live video image. This makes it very easy to send images via e-mail. The IPM Scope connects to your computer’s USB port where it’s always ready to use.

Ship wt: 2 lbs, Ship dims: 10" (L) x 8" (W) x 3" (H).

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