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A practical advanced-level guide
Authors: Bill R Gregg: Seed Industry Development & Conditioning Specialist
Gary L. Billups: Seed Conditioning Specialist & President Crippen International, Inc.,

About the Book

Seed conditioning turns raw harvested seed into pure seed that is free of undesirable materials, safe from pests and diseases, and that which can be planted for a good stand of healthy plants of the desired crop.

The cost of conditioning is a major component of the capital investment. Conditioning is the most significant process in the seed industry. It involves machines, engineering, operations, biology, physics, plant physiology and pathology, science, and business. It must be accurate, economic and practical.

To make seed conditioners more efficient, this Seed Conditioning compendium was prepared. Based on real-life experiences, the trials and efforts of many conditioners were compiled and distilled into a brief, easy-to-understand form.

Seed Conditioning is in four volumes: [1] Management, essential aspects of organizing and managing a seed conditioning operation; [2] Technology, the equipment and processes used in seed conditioning; [3] Crop Seed Conditioning, available information on experiences on conditioning different crop seed; [4] just released in 2017, Improving Seed Conditioning, the final process that establishes the quality of a seed lot and determines its value. The performance of seed conditioning depends entirely on how effectively the operator sets up and adjusts the machines. This book will guide the seed conditioner and help them improve their skills.

Basic topics are covered, plus "secrets of the trade" that are important for all seed industry participants need to know so they can fit their contributions into the entire seed supply program.

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