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Spiral Separators

Spiral Separators
Spiral Separators
Spiral Separators
Spiral Separators are used in the seed industry for separating good soybeans from splits or weed seed; they are also used on most any free flowing product to sort round shapes from flat or oblong shapes. They are often used in industrial applications such as separating metal abrasives, metal shot, ceramic beads, glass beads and other types of material.

Spiral separators operate on gravity only. Product is loaded in the hopper, or direct feed tube on a single spiral. The material flows over an adjustable cone and divides the material evenly onto the inner flights. With increasing speed, the round material will separate and roll off the inner flights onto a larger outer flight and then exits a side discharge chute at the bottom. The non-round material on the inner flights will exit a center discharge chute at the bottom.

We offer both a Double Heavy Duty Spiral Separator and a Single Heavy Duty Spiral Separator. Both models are securely packed in lumber for safe arrival anywhere in the world.

While many of our clients would likely use a separator with 6" flights at a 43º angle, numerous options are available according to the product you need to separate. We would be happy to work with you and offer FREE media testing to determine which separator will work best for your application.

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