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Seedburo Stowage Exam Camera

Seedburo Stowage Exam Camera
Seedburo Stowage Exam Camera
Seedburo Equipment Company, in conjunction with several federally licensed grain inspectors, has assembled a video camera system for the purpose of helping grain inspectors to provide Stowage Exams for railcar loading facilities. A high definition video camera will help keep inspectors off rail cars, may reduce some of your workmen's compensation issues, and can reduce the overall time for moving railcar through your facility. This means reduced costs for you to handle railcar inspections!

As of February 2009, USDA-GIPSA/FGIS has issued Program Notice FGIS-PN-09-03 which provides guidelines on the use of closed circuit camera/monitor packages. The proper selection of camera, lighting system, monitors, and installation will make for a system which will meet the USDA - GIPSA/FGIS requirements for Stowage Exams and that is exactly how and why licensed grain inspectors helped us put this package together!

All you will need to do is have your local electrician or maintenance staff mount the light (s) and camera (s), route the cabling to your inspection office, install the monitor and a simple A/B switch so the inspector can toggle between inspecting the railcars and, (depending upon whether you have ordered more than one camera) a wide angle view of the cars, a view under the cars, or even to a diverter sampler - the choice is yours!

Mounting of the camera and spotlights can be fixed or on and swing away boom - you choose the best place to mount these in your facility!

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