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Spiral Separator-Enclosed Type

Spiral Separator-Enclosed Type
Spiral Separator-Enclosed Type
Enclosed spiral separators are used in a number of industries, including seed and grain to separate good seed from splits, weed seed, chaff hulls, stems etc. They separate round product from flat or oblong using gravity. They can separate one type of seed from another, like corn from soybeans.

With three separating turns to ensure effectiveness, our heavy-duty enclosed spiral separator provides thorough separation. The enclosed separator is manufactured with welded galvanized steel to withstand heat and vibration giving it long-lasting durability. Turnkey solutions provide easy installation so that the unit connects directly into your equipment and operation. The enclosed spiral separator can save you money by effectively separating rounds from non-rounds and eliminating contaminants for recycled, reusable materials that saves you thousands. Not only does the spiral recycle your material but it also operates on gravity which saves you expensive energy costs. These enclosed spiral separators offer a compact design with quiet operation and dust control in your operations.

Adjustable flow control
Self-cleaning hoppers
Replaceable spiral cores
Heavy 14 gauge steel construction
Available in 2, 4, 6 & 8 core units
Capacity 50 to 400 bushels per hour

Optional features available for quad spirals :

Stainless steel inner flights
Custom inner flight designs
Base Frame

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